04 December 2011

Aku nikahkan engkau dengan Nurul Syahira Binti Ismail dengan mas khawin sebanyak RM55.50 Tunai`Aku terima nikahnya Nurul Syahira Binti Ismail dengan mas khawin sebanyak RM55.50 Tunai` sah sah :) . Hee ceh wah,gatal nak khawin pulak aku ni haihh . Right me is my baby notty girl . She takes my heart at 30-11-2011 not wrong me hee . So me hope you will make me happy yeah sayang,takes my heart and take care it yeah sayang . You told me that me the last your lover and love ryte so we pray it okay sayang . Never ever trust someone else about merepek story about us okay baby . I trust you and I want you trust me too . I will give you everything that you want it but please don`t make me tersiksa with you or anything that can break my heart yeah sayang . Iloveyou not only you but your whole family . No matter what people want to say about us,we just take don`t care . People actually like that want to disturb couple that happy together but theyy arghh . Take knife and potong my dada,see my heart that really2 love you . I will accept you no matter it is . Maybe you are the best for me,yeah I hope too okay sayang . That`s all my story today blogger`s . Hope read it .
P/S : There`s only 1thing>to do>3words>4you>ILOVEYOU  :)

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